Our philosophy

We try to make a diference by:

  • Granting that all of our tours pursue the main goals of true eco-tourism: involve local actors, encourage conservation and are performed in a respectful and sustainable way towards the environment and local communities.
  • Hiring local guides (whenever they exist) who know exactly where the birds and other targets are, and how to find them
  • Working together with local tour operators to maximize every trip’s performance
  • Sending our own tour leaders, who have a deep knowledge about general wildlife besides the birds and are familiar with the special needs of our clients (and are properly equipped with the gear needed in order to provide with the best possible service)
  • Traveling in small groups (maximum group size varies depending on the destination)
  • Keeping the use of “play back” down to the minimum possible and avoiding intrusive or non-sustainable nature watching practices
  • Acknowledging the natural frame and general biodiversity of each destination, besides the birds
  • Acknowledging the cultural heritage of the destinations visited
  • Accommodating in private or community-owned natural reserves (whenever possible), contributing to the owners conservation efforts
  • Always keeping in mind our main goal: that every tour participant can fully enjoy the experience in their own way