Through the years we have accumulated extensive experience in birdwatching, bird photography and bird-based tourism, successfully developing several specialized brands on these subjects.

Because of our first premise (that true eco-tourism is key to sustainable development and nature conservation) we are very keen in sharing our knowledge with bird enthusiasts and birding tourism entrepreneurs around the world. For this reason we have designed lectures and courses (on-site and online) that are meant to facilitate top quality training, so that you can highly improve your project’s chances of success.

Take a look at the following options and contact us to ask for current pricing and availability:

  • Birdwatching Initiation Course

    This course was designed so that anyone can learn the basics on birdwatching, no matter where they live. Bird identification and birding tools learning are the main focus of the course. This is not an introduction to ornithology, nor a bird taxonomy course: it is just what you need to know in order to start birding properly and have resources that will help you wherever you go.
  • Bird-based Tourism: Opportunities and Challenges (lecture)

    This special lecture is meant for destinations (countries, districts, local communities and more) who would like to have a thorough insight of what makes a place attractive for birdwatching and bird photography tourism, so that they can check what their real possibilities are and how to prepare themselves for it, identifying their advantages and disadvantages in order to work on them and increase the chances of success.
  • Local Birding Guide Training Course

    This course was designed for private and public managed natural areas or birdwatching tour companies who wish to train their guides so that they can improve the quality of their service. We focus on everything they need to know about the passengers needs, proper equipment and guiding techniques.
  • Intensive Course for Entrepreneur Guides on Birding Tourism

    This course is meant for people who would like to entrepreneur on birdwatching tourism as guides, but at the same time need to build up their own business from scratch (or need to re-invent a pre-existing one). We share our own experience on the matter because that is exactly how we started, and we give advice on how to maximize the possibilities of achieving your goals. To the content given on the “Local Birding Guide Training Course” we add information about the current market, hiring channels, brand and website visibility, and more. If you have got entrepreneurial spirit, this is the guidance that you are looking for.
  • Bird & Nature Photography Guiding Course

    Few people in the world is qualified to give a quality course on bird & nature photography guiding, and we have the privilege of having one in our team. In this course, the professional bird photography guide Steve Sánchez Calle shares his experience with the aim of helping others to improve their guiding performance and reach the high standards that a true bird & nature photography guide needs to achieve.