"Birding", "Nature-watching" and "Bird & Nature Photography" are the main focuses in most of our tours, but we like to combine them with other activities (always within the frame of true eco-tourism) whenever a destination offers world quality attractions and experiences, such as snorkeling in coral reefs or freshwater crystal clear waters, visiting world heritage archaeological sites, meeting local communities and learning about their culture, and more.

Check out the following tour category definitions for a thorough understanding of what we mean on each case:

  • Birds & Nature Watching

    Birds & Nature Watching trips are our most traditional birding tours, which focus mainly in birds but an effort is made in order to see other wildlife attractions (mammals, reptiles, amphibians, butterflies, botany and more) whenever possible, and to get a deep understanding of the natural frame visited on each tour. We look for specific bird targets and like to get fairly complete checklists by the end of the trip, but we do not pursue big numbers “per se”. Every Birds & Nature Watching trip offers good photographic opportunities, but this activity does not represent the main focus of the trip and photographers would be better suited on next tour category.
  • Birds & Nature Photography

    This tour category differs from the previous one because it is especially designed for bird and nature photographers. The tour leader is a professional in the subject, being able to give proper advice to each passenger in order to get the best possible results. All destinations visited (including accommodations) are chosen having in mind the best interests for bird and nature photographers.
  • Snorkeling

    This activity is included whenever possible, if a chosen destination stands out for its underwater life and ease of watching (clear and shallow waters) conditions. From marine tropical reefs to freshwater ponds and marshes, snorkeling excursions are included in many of our trips (either as part of the main itineraries or as optional extensions) and are guided by experts who can help to identify and show the most sought after attractions.
  • Archeology

    Many great birding destinations around the world are also famous for their archaeological heritage. In our tours to these destinations we include visits to the most attractive archaeological sites, guided by local experts who share their knowledge so that we can get a thorough insight on each place.
  • Culture

    Every tour to any destination has an unavoidable cultural component (ie: language, gastronomy, local manners and more). Nevertheless, when we mention “Culture” as one of the tour focusing subjects we mean that in such trip we will use part of our time to have a local cultural experience, which often consists in one or more visits to different local communities, whenever we are welcomed to respectfully learn about their ways and traditions.
  • Other attractions

    Many other attractions can be of interest on a birding tour, and we may add them if they can be done in a true eco-tourism way, contributing to local communities and wildlife conservation. From horse riding and kayaking to visiting vineyards and shade-grown coffee plantations in the most famous places for such activities, all this and more can be included either as part of the main itineraries or as optional tour extensions.